Role of Advising

The standard of the role of staff advisors in Greek Affairs at Georgia Tech is to actively support fraternity and sorority life through advising, advocacy and education efforts. Advisors define and develop their efforts utilizing the Council for the Advancement of Standards Guidelines for Fraternity and Sorority Advising Programs (CAS Standards), the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession (AFA Core Competencies), and institute-based, as well as Board of Regents system-wide, policies, procedures and guidelines for student organizations and activities.

Fraternity and Sorority Advising Efforts 

  • The role of advisors are to guide and facilitate the work of chapter officers, their alumni advisors and governing councils, as well as their respective national organization leadership in striving for student and chapter excellence. As a unit, our office maintains accurate and comprehensive records on membership statistics, scholarship achievement and matters of conduct in partnership with the Office of Student Integrity. This information is utilized to encourage and influence positive change and promote recognition of accomplishments by fraternity and sorority members within the Georgia Tech Greek community. 
  • Challenge and support organizations and individual members. The staff advisors in the Office of Greek Affairs communicate and clarify the Institute's high expectations for chapters as values-based organizations hosted at Georgia Tech and challenge members and organizations to be accountable for their actions. This includes advising fraternity and sorority members regarding their adherence to organizational and campus-based policies and community relations in general. 
  • Advocate for the advancement and support of the Georgia Tech fraternity and sorority experience within the campus community. The Greek Affairs staff implement educational programs that will benefit members and positively impact their fraternal experience. They also conduct program evaluation and learning outcomes assessment to guide future best practices.

The Greek Affairs office is located within the Student Center Commons, in partnership with the Office of Student Engagement which is a part of the Division of Student Life. Anyone wishing to discuss issues related to the advisement of fraternities and sororities, or to voice any concerns or grievances in this regard, are encouraged to contact the director of the Greek Affairs, Dr. Jamison Keller at All concerns will be handled respectfully and responded to in a timely manner.